December 16, 2003

Reading Viaduct Project (RVP) holds first meeting with 25 neighbors and concerned citizens.

RVP first meeting. Photo: John Struble



  • RVP works with Harris Steinberg, Penn Praxis, and Kyle Gradinger, University of Pennsylvania on a Design Charrette for the Reading Viaduct. RVP works with Brian Phillip’s architectural class at Drexel University on a semester long project on the Viaduct.
  • RVP meets with Tom Sexton Northeast Regional Director Rails-to-Trails Conservancy.
  • Neighbor Travis Skidmore + Max, Tom Sexton (Northeast Regional Director of Rails to Trails Conservancy), neighbor Sierra Skidmore, and co-founder of RVP, John Struble.

JULY 2004

  • RVP organized an exhibition of the top designs from the  Penn Praxis Charette and the Drexel architectural class at Cafe Lift in the Callowhill Neighborhood.


  • RVP works with Urban Engineers on a City of Phila Commerce Dept. Environmental and Feasibility Study. (see about us for results of the study)


  • RVP participates in the 2004-2005 Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission’s Study for the Chinatown/Callowhill Neighborhood in Philadelphia.

MARCH 4, 2005

  • RVP meets with Joanne Denworth, Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell’s Office of Policy.


  • RVP contacts Craig Tompkins, General Counsel for Reading International, Inc., about transferring title of the Viaduct to RVP

JUNE 10, 2006

  • RVP presents at Neighborhoods in Transition: Redevelopment and the Environment, An Introductory Community Workshop sponsored by the Center for Public Environmnetal Oversight (CPEO), Penn Future and the Northern Liberties Neighborhood Association.

FALL 2006

  • RVP representatives participte in the City of Philadelphia’s Greenspace Plan For The City.


  • RVP representatives attend the Philadelphia Horticulral Society sponsored Mayoral Forum on Greening and present each of the five Democratic Primary candidates with a detailed package on RVP’s ideas of adaptive reuse of the Reading Viaduct.


  • RVP representatives participate in the Philadelphia City Planning Commision’s North Broad Street Transportation and Access Study.

FALL 2007

  • Michael Nutter elected Philadelphia’s new mayor !

APRIL 2008

  • Callowhill Neighborhood Association Clean-Up coordinator and RVP Co-founder, Sarah McEneaney (seen here with Trixie McEneaney), meet Mayor Michael Nutter as he visits neighborhoods prior to the first City Wide Cleanup. After looking at the abandonded viaduct and briefly discussing RVP’s mission, Mayor Nutter says “Get in touch with me about this. “

JULY 24 2008

  • RVP Board members: Sarah McEneaney, John Struble and Ellen Somekawa, meet with Department of Commerce city officials, Jon Edelstein, (manager of Brownfield Development), Brian Flanagan, (Deputy Chief of Staff) and Elinor Haider, (Deputy Commerce Director) to discuss the future of the Reading Viaduct.


  • Follow up meeting with Brain Flanagan.

AUGUST 11, 2008

  • John Struble and Sarah McEneaney meet with Spencer Finch, Director of Sustainable Development for The Pennsylvania Environmental Council to discuss an Economic Development Study of The Reading Viaduct.

APRIL 4, 2009

  • RVP participates with Callowhill Neighborhood Association in the second annual Philadelphia City-Wide Clean-up

JUNE 2, 2009

  • RVP meets with PECO representatives to walk the PECO substation and Reading Viaduct area to discuss PECO’s role in community efforts.

AUGUST 14, 2009

  • RVP walks the Viaduct with Laura Spina and others from the City of Philadelphia Planning Commission

AUGUST 28, 2009

  • RVP meets with Justin DiBerardinis, aide to Councilwoman Sanchez


  • RVP attends Design Advocacy Group meeting to advocate for the green remediation of the Reading Viaduct


  • RVP Viaduct walk with students from Drexel University

OCTOBER 20, 2009

  • RVP Viaduct walk with students from University of Pennsylvania

DECEMBER 19, 2009

  • The Viaduct’s potential, cross country ski trail

JANUARY 4, 2010

  • RVP Viaduct walk with Alan Greenberger, City Planning and Mark Focht, Fairmount Park.

APRIL 28, 2010

  • RVP assists Urban Engineers in taking soil samples for study of the Reading Viaduct

OCTOBER 7, 2010

  • Reading Viaduct Project and Callowhill Neighborhood Association hold a Town Hall public neighborhood meeting. Paul Levy, The Center City District, presents an analysis of existing conditions and development options of the Reading Viaduct and adjacent parcels of land, identifying a range of management and maintenance models for the neighborhood. The study was funded with support from the William Penn Foundation and the Poor Richard’s Charitable Trust.


  • RVP meets Paul van Meter and Liz Maillie, founders of Viaduct Greene. They begin planning a design ideas competition for the Reading Viaduct and the City Branch which goes, below grade, from Broad and Noble Streets west to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. For more Info:

OCTOBER 8, 2010

  • Neighborhood Association, Reading Viaduct and neighbors begin discussion of a Neighborhood Improvement District, NID

DECEMBER 16, 2010

  • Town Hall meeting to discuss formation of NID. Councilman Frank DiCicco and Paul Levy attend, speak and answer questions.

DECEMBER 15, 2010

  • RVP walks viaduct with Jamie Moffett, Philadelphia film maker. Jamie begins work on a book and documentary film on the Viaduct. RVP welcomes this new effort in promoting the green remediation of the Reading Viaduct. For more info:

JANUARY 12, 2011

  • NID steering committee begins meeting every other week. NID is named Callowhill Reading Viaduct Neighborhood Improvement District.

APRIL 2012

  • Preliminary designs of the Septa-owned portion of the Reading Viaduct are prepared by Studio Bryan Hanes and Urban Engineers and represent a huge step toward the transformation of the Reading Viaduct!

Image by Studio Bryan Hanes courtesy Center City District